I’m Nick, born (’88) and raised in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. After finishing secondary school, I attended “The Hague University of Applied Sciences” and studied Architectural Engineering. In 2011 I received my bachelor’s degree for this study. From then on, I started working at a building contractor as a project manager. One of my biggest hobbies is playing bassguitar, in 2015 I joined a pop/rock coverband. Besides the bassplaying, I like to ride my motorcycle. It really gives the feeling of total freedom. I also like to spend my time on photography.

As for my traveling experiences, during secondary school, college and working life I’ve seen quite some destinations. From summer holidays in Spain and Italy, to citytrips across Europe, a trip in 2003 to China, a bandtour in France, a weekend in Morocco, trips to get tattooed in Switzerland and Denmark and several group tours to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Indonesia and Thailand.

Throughout the years I combined work, band and traveling, I even had the possibility to buy a house. BUT for some time I also had the strong feeling to do something completely different. So in August 2016 I decided it was time to see and discover more of the world, in a different way than the group traveling and city trips I’ve done before… After weighing the cons and the pros, I quit my job, left the band and as of February 2017 I’m focussing on my new adventure: traveling through Southeast Asia and New Zealand on my own for 12 months+!

To hold track of my travel adventures, I started this travelblog. During my journey I will post short stories of my travel experiences, from now on: Nick’s Travel Shorts.
This blog is not about how to get from A to B or what the best possible hostel or hotel in a certain city is. With this blog I want to take you with me on my journey through all the different countries I will be visiting. In my “shorts” I will write about the things I experience and have to deal with whilst journeying, either happy, sad, good or bad, I want to show how things really are.